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Scout Softball is excited to announce the D1 Futures initiative beginning in June 2018. Scout Softball’s goal with D1 Futures is to identify the players across the nation who demonstrate the ability level to play at the D1 level and to give D1 colleges a more comprehensive database from which to scout and recruit.

Scout Softball has also created D1 Futures events, which are restricted to players who have been identified by Scout as D1 caliber athletes. It is important for these players to compete alongside and against a group that is made up of 100% D1 caliber athletes. It is equally important for D1 programs to be able to watch these athletes compete among their true peer group. Scout D1 Futures allows both players and coaches to accomplish their goals.

As a player, imagine playing in an event featuring only D1 athletes that is being watched by hundreds of D1 programs. You’re refining your game and learning to compete at the highest level possible, all while having your skills on display to potentially 100% of D1 colleges. THAT is D1 Futures.

Scout’s database and National Player Rankings are now open to all players. Scout will begin attending elite level events across the nation to identify and discover D1 level talent. Our goal is to identify the 1,500 players in each graduating class who ultimately will move on to play Division 1 softball in college. Given our track record of discovering D1 athletes, this will connect future D1 players to D1 colleges which will provide a much more efficient scouting and recruiting process for both players and coaches.

Scout Softball will continue to conduct ID Camps across the nation, to give players a guaranteed chance to be seen by Scout and to update their performance data and verified video.

Scout D1 Futures are the future of college softball.






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